I tend to set out tasks that are extremely unachievable in the short time frame. I currently use a scheduler called the Todoist, and I'm constantly adding tasks, setting goals and re-ordering my lists. While I get some amount of satisfaction from keeping these organizers in check, it can be overwhelming to achieve all the tasks in a given day. Just take a look at what I have planned for next week:


In addition to this I keep my notes app open that divides each task into sub-tasks along with notes on feedback, specifications and additional action items


I schedule meetings and deadlines on my Calendar app which is connected to my iPhone. I put double reminders on my Todoist app, kind of redundant I know, but it keeps me twice as accountable.

Does this work for me?

Sort of.

I'm really good at doing easy tasks. I'm better at putting off hard tasks for later. I guess that's chronic procrastination eh?

I've looked at a couple videos on productivity and battling procrastination, but I haven't been great about sticking to their advice.

I take on much more than I can handle and as a result I sacrifice sleep. There is so much to do, and I have priorities - but I find that the more I accomplish, the more I want to learn, and the cycle goes on.

I know learning is good, but I need to find time to get some sleep. And fuck, I really need to sleep. Actually, I should do that now. It's 2AM in Japan and instead of getting some shut eye, I'm writing this post.