New Year 2020 🎊🎉

It's been a while, and I've been up to quite a lot. 🌸🌻🍁🌿

I haven't been updating this blog much at all .. but that's partly because I know nobody is going to go out of their way to visit this website. It's really more of a personal diary.

I did a lot this year! I picked up programming again, got an internship at a tech company, traveled to Thailand and the UK, got to work with many cool companies. These companies include Yamaha, Panasonic, Omron, Shiseido, Japan Media Arts Festival, Fujitsu, and Google Fonts.

My record label, Print Room Productions, released it's first EP for the artist Nightribe. I got to do research at Yamaha for a month. I spent the sweltering summer playing my very first console - a PS4 and ended up finishing more games than I ever expected to play in my lifetime.

So to get you up to speed with what I've done this past year, I'm going to do a month by month run down of my 2019. Bear with me, or don't - this is really just for me.

January 🐇

Started getting back into programming. Brushed up Front End, AngularJS.

Got an iPhone XR and a Macbook Pro

February 💻

Took part in Junction 2019 and reached the finals.

Learned how to work with other people.

March 🌸

Quit job as Kindergarten English teacher.

Started job as Front End Engineer/Designer at Canopus Inc.

April 🎨

Started 36 Days of Type

Got rejected from ISMIR 2019, worked on improving my research.

May 🎓

Wrote my first Medium article.

Finished all my graduation requirements one year before graduation.

June 🖥

Learnt ReactJS, Docker, NodeJS.

Continued working on research. This was kind of a boring month. Maybe I'm forgetting something.

July 🇹🇭

Traveled to Bangkok for ICTM 2019 and gave my first lecture to a room full of seasoned researchers.

August 🎹

Made a data visualization depicting the history of music over time.

Visited Yamaha's head office to conduct experiments on my own.

September 🎮

Bought a PS4. Played God of War, Spiderman, FIFA18, RDRII, Uncharted 4, Last of Us.

Nightribe releases it's first EP under my label. Got to work with Google Fonts.

October 💼

Interned at Cyber Agent. Got my first Tattoo. Saw Polyphia for the second time. Learned unit testing, Google Optimize, Context API, Redux for State Management, and GatsbyJS.

November 🤘

Played Death Stranding. Saw Babymetal and Bring Me The Horizon.

Developed a full stack React JS Web app for Panasonic Design. Used MongoDB, Express JS and Node. I also created the front end for a syllabus search web app with a couple of my friends just for fun.

December 🇬🇧

Went to London as a visiting researcher at Queen Mary University. Got my second tattoo. Saw Jimmy Carrr. Had my fill of Sunday Roast and English Breakfasts. Went to the Tate Modern, Brick Lane, Box Park, London Eye, Taplow Court, Essex and Soho.

On to 2020 🌈

It's finally here! The new decade. I've come a long way learning many skills... I even ended up learning some animation and 3D design/rendering. This year should be even more eventful and exciting (fingers crossed 🤞). Here are some determinations that I hope to keep for the next year.

  1. Lose weight.

  2. Go to the gym regularly

  3. Go all in into my research

  4. Maintain financial stability

  5. Move into a new apartment ( find a good one )

  6. Get a scholarship for grad school.

  7. Get accepted to ISMIR 2020

  8. Find and build healthy relationships.

  9. Enjoy life.

That's my adorable niece in the picture.