hideo daikoku

Software Engineering | Data Visualization | Music Information Retrieval.

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I'm Hideo Daikoku, and I'm interested in anything and everything to do with the music industry. I'm currently a grad student at Keio University japan where I research the science of human musicality.

My current (and ever-expanding) interests are in Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Design Thinking, Quantum Computation, Music Creation and Graphic Design.

I produce events and promotional material for indie bands under my label, Print Room Productions. You can contact me at info@hideodaikoku.com.

I also enjoy hiking, reading and watching movies and TV shows when I have time.

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Print Room Collective

Indie music in Tokyo. By artists, for artists.

My friends and I have a record label called Print Room Collective.

We release music, make videos, design artwork and promo material for artists, and for ourselves.




The Butterfly Effect


Music and Information

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If you think my interests align with yours, or if you just want to talk. Feel free to contact me via email at

info [at] hideodaikoku.com