I'm Hideo, and I'm a technical artist and creative director. I make interactive art and software using tools like Unreal Engine, Unity, Houdini, TouchDesigner, Blender and JavaScript.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I started a game studio with my friends called WaveCut Studios. We're working on some indie games and other side projects, all related to audio visual art in some way. In late 2021, we worked with Synflux on their exhibition in Roppongi's 21_21 design sight.

I'm involved in various projects as a creative director and software engineer with Placy, a startup in Tokyo that connects your music preferences to bars, cafes and venues you might like in the city.

I consult for O Ltd. where we are building the next generation of immersive web apps.


I'm a grad student at Patrick Savage's Comp Music Lab in Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Japan where I research the science of human musicality.

My research revolves around exploring musical diversity in India and Japan, differences in cross-cultural musical perception, music information retrieval and more recently, cultural evolution. I am currently the incoming student representative for the executive council of the Cultural Evolution Society.

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